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Sunday 8:00 and 10:30 a.m.

Sunday School 9:15 am


(May through Labor Day)

Saturday  5:00 p.m.

Sunday  9:00 a.m.



What is the Endowment Fund?

The congregation of Faith Lutheran established the Faith Lutheran Endowment Fund (the Fund) in 1999 to enhance the outreach of our church.  The Fund receives gifts and bequests that enable Faith Lutheran to support programs beyond what is possible through the annual operating budget of the congregation.  The fund is separate and distinct from the annual operating budget of the congregation.


How will income from the Fund be used?

Income from the Fund is used to enhance the mission of Faith Lutheran by providing support in three key areas.

  • Missions

  • Outreach programs

  • Capital improvements


What types of gifts can be made to the Fund?


The Endowment Fund can receive many forms of gifts and bequests.  A few of the most common gifts are:


Cash & Securities - You may make an outright contribution of cash and securities (stocks/bonds) to the Fund.  A cash gift can be made at one time or on a periodic basis.  Gifts of appreciated stocks or bonds often provide significant tax advantages for the donor.


Real Estate - Real estate and other items of value may be given in consultation with the Endowment Fund Committee.


Life Insurance - You may consider making an outright gift of an existing life insurance policy or purchasing a new policy and naming the Fund as owner or beneficiary.


Charitable Gift Annuity - You may create an annuity to provide income for you or other persons, while gifting the Fund with a sizable amount.


Trust - A trust may be established with assets transferred to the trust and managed by a trustee of your choosing.  The Fund could be a beneficiary of trust proceeds.


Will - You may make a bequest to the Fund through your will.  This permits you to make a gift to the Church at your death and to determine the nature and extent of your gift.


How is the Fund administered?


The Fund is administered by a five member Fund Committee elected by the Church congregation.  The committee manages the assets of the Fund.  The Fund Committee allocates portions of the Fund income to support the three specific programs named in the Fund charter.  No income from the Fund will be used to supplement operating expenses of the congregation.


Will memorials to Faith Lutheran be placed in the Fund?


No.  Only memorials that are specifically designated "for the Faith Lutheran Endowment Fund" become part of the Fund.